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5 Ground Breaking Nature Loving Electric Cars to Look Forward To

Are you a die-hard fan of cars going electric? Or are you an old ordinary car enthusiast? Fret not because whichever category you fall into, trust us, this a great time to witness. We see a revolution in the automotive industry which will be the new trend in no time. By what we predict, the electric cars will swamp the entire planet by the year 2023 and reach the point of dominance. However, the New Year 2018 or the upcoming 2019 isn’t any less boring as companies craft up a great lineup of electric vehicles. Some of the renowned companies have brought some serious renovations to their existing models and some have gone all new. That is why we see that some of them are reasonable while others may be a little heavy on the pocket. That doesn’t make any of them worth any less attention. Read on for the ones that made our top five.

1. Nissan Leaf

The second generation Nissan Leaf is finally revealed and it was worth the wait. It has been reinvented into a bigger compact. The customers get an extra powerful electric motor worth 147 horses and an instant torque of 236 pound-feet which converts zero to sixty on the accelerator in only 10 seconds or even less. The new model brings to you a range of 150 miles with a fast charging 40-kilowatt-hour battery which goes about 88 miles and 30 minutes on. The highlight is the Pro Palette drive assistance and we look forward to full break autonomy making the car decelerate itself the moment one takes off the foot from the paddle. The leaf is out on the market as it was promised for January 2018. For an electric car, it is one of the reasonable options with a starting price of about thirty thousand dollars. You may even find it get it for twenty-two thousand four hundred and ninety dollars due the federal tax credit.

2. Jaguar I Pace

If we are not wrong, it is the first electric crossover in the entire history of the Jaguar brand and that is why it has a high chance of competing closely the Tesla Model X. The car is in production and the first model will come out this year based on the model presented in 2016. It will sport two electric motors with the capability of 400 horsepower and a torque of 516 pound-feet. It would be able to speed off to 62 miles per hour in just under 4 seconds with a next-generation battery of 90-kilowatt-hour and recharge time of only two hours. It will be able to reach a range of 310 miles without making you wait for long charging hours. We are eagerly waiting for the production model of this beauty.

3. BMW i3

The BMW r12 has been given a facelift and some sports modification and now presented as BMW i3. Noticeable changes included the newly updated bumper, the color palette of the wheels and the lighting. The new version has 33.2-kilowatt-hour battery which permits a range of 180 miles which in reality is equivalent to 112 miles. The 170 horse powertrain got updated to 183 horsepower providing a torque of 199 pound-feet. It accelerates in seconds to 60 miles with a maximum speed of 100mph. Having said that, the German-made premium interior of the car and the advanced infotainment system makes it a rather expensive option among other electric cars. A price tag of 45,000 is a tad unjustified for the new market. It first came as a production model concept way before in 2015 to be produced by 2020. However, the new news is the reassuring rumored delivery of first units by the end of 2019.

4. Mercedes EQC

It is still not released but we have high expectations of a supercar performance. The company is accepting reservations of 2500 dollar for one car per person with the base price of 129,000 to be delivered by 2019. In this price, it brings an incredible mile range of more than 400 and to 125 miles in only 9 minutes. Combining full autonomy (just what we were waiting for) and a fast charging system, it is already gaining popularity especially in the Norwegian market (the most lucrative markets of all). We are hoping they stick to the dual motor powertrain of at least 400 horsepower and about 300 miles per charge. To make it better, and if they stick by their concept introduced back in 2016, 5 seconds to reach 60 miles will be groundbreaking.

5. SUV Thunder

Being a Hong Kong based company with a long history of electrical tools manufacturing, it is now expanding into electric cars. Their first attempt at it will be out by 2019 which is still in the Alpha prototype stage. It will include an electrical powertrain of 575 horsepower with a torque motor of 410-pound-feet. The max speed being 155 miles and a range of 4 seconds will be a high bar for a first attempt. Its battery will be around 125-kilowatt hour with a promising 400 miles range. If they match it with a reasonable starting price, they may hit the jackpot on their first try only.

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